My mission is to tell the stories that must be heard and to lend a voice to those who have something to say.

Linda Arntzen

Linda Arntzen


It starts with an idea, a conversation, and elongates into a narrative.  As a writing consulting firm dedicated to the expression of ideas, stories, and content, exSermo serves individuals and agencies across industries.

Organizations will find themselves, either due to time or resource constraints, with a need to outsource or obtain additional support for written materials.  Such materials will include content for their marketing and media needs, speeches, business documentation, and proposals.  exSermo seeks to lead and support clients in bringing a pulse to their ideas and stories.

Originally from Southeast Asia, I emigrated to the USA with my parents at the age of two.  My background is a cultural tapestry of customs, flavors, and languages of Asia, including China and Vietnam.

The combination of community memories that my family carried from Asia and the assimilation of American culture gave way to an endless combination of interests such as cooking, writing, and traveling. The challenge of speaking Chinese at home and learning English in the classroom as a child inspired curiosity and sparked a lifelong passion for expression and communication; it was important for me to understand and to be understood.

For over two decades, my career has been in leadership sales, overseeing a global team of highly skilled professionals.  The extensive experience in client engagement and team development has defined my career.  I travel to all the corners of the world, tailoring services, exploring areas of opportunity, and directing corporate public relations requiring critical communications.  And along the way, I turn ideas into action and experience into stories.

The passion of sharing ideas and storytelling is now a mission of mine in our world – our humanity – where everyone has a context, a narrative, and a voice.

What is your story and how can I help you tell it?

Linda Arntzen – Owner, Principal Consultant


What is your story and how can I help you tell it?